“What’s the Secret Max?”



Find What You Love to Do and Do it

Why would a person spend their life pursuing what they hate doing? How many folks do you know, that go to school or find a career simply to make money, and build their version of the American or Christian dream, all with the hopes of living long enough to retire and have a few years of doing absolutely nothing? God has given us our passions, gifts, and abilities for a reason, to use them. We ought to pursue careers and goals, based on the abilities and drives we have been given, not simply as a means to make money or just get by. There may be times where we have to do that, but our overall goal should be to pursue careers and paths based on the gifts and passions we have been given. The secret really is finding some you love to do, and doing it the rest of your life. At the very least that is what seems to have worked for me so far. Someone told me today, I know what I want, and come Hell or high water I am going to get it. I really have no idea what he meant by it, but what I do know is that I do not want to go through life settling for anything less than what the Lord has for me, abilities and all.  I will not stop my pursuit of it, even if it kills me, and chances are it will.


About Chronology of Chris

-In Christ -Student of Life, Theology, Philosophy and Education -Avid reader (C.S. Lewis, Alvin Plantinga, Francis Schaeffer, James Sire, Martin Luther, Luis de Molina, Gordon D. Fee, David R. Anderson, David Kinnaman, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Hunter S. Thompson, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jean Paul Sartre, Soren Kierkegaard, etc.) -Amateur philosopher -Field researcher for this privilege called life -Defined not labelled -Silly, yet serious -Knowledgeable and experienced -People over facts( facts have their place), souls over figures -More than an "about me" box can contain -His will, not mine
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