Another Modesty Post


I make the same face as Woody, at even the idea of short shorts.

Oh No, Not Again. . .

Don’t you get sick of hearing about the whole modesty issue? Today was the first “warm”, or at the very least not frigid, day in some time. Along with the warmth of today came, to my amazement, an amount of short shorts, that would make one think it is summer. Are the conversations, the ranting and raving over modesty a losing battle? Do people, believers especially, even care? You would think that in the cold months there would be some relief, BUT NO, if it is not the short shorts in the spring and summer, it is the leggings in the fall and winter. The unfortunate reality of this, is that modesty is now cornered, squeaking and cowering like a tiny rabbit surrounded by foxes; the rabbits are those few women who still value modesty, and the foxes are those who continuously lay on pressure, in image or speech, for those modest women to give in. Like the leggings, if you can explain to me, reasonably and logically, citing three examples, providing solid sources, and producing relevant charts, as well as data, the purpose of wearing short shorts, shorts that go all the way up to your butt, or any variation of revealing clothing, I will completely drop every argument for modesty I have ever spoken of. Okay I lied, even if you can I still won’t. Anybody can find data to support any argument, faulty or not, these days. You might say “well just do not look at them” and trust me I don’t, but it is hard not to recognize a pattern when you see one. Do you women truly have no respect for your bodies, are you okay knowing that guys are checking your out?! How does it feel to you that what you wear, whether it is true or not, can say something about who you are and who you are not? I can understand why worldly women do this, but Christian women, give me a break! Not wearing short shorts or immodest clothing, does not mean you have to dress like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, whoever that is, but what it should mean is that you ought to be aware of your mind and heart when you decide to wear them. Forget guys checking you out and objectifying you (which that alone infuriates me enough), but think about what you are wearing and why you are wearing it. What you wear has a deeper implication that goes beyond your relationship with people, it can imply truths about your relationship with God. Are you wearing the clothes you wear because you want to glorify God, because you see your value through Christ, or are you dressing the way you are because that is how the world dresses, because what you wear is cool or hip? At the end of the day, is dressing like the world, are wearing short shorts, leggings, whatever, really worth your integrity and character when it comes to walking with the Lord? When you dress that way I can tell you this, guys are not seeing the character of Christ, they are seeing your legs, not to mention any other body part that is highlighted, and all the other girls see is, that you are no different than they are. Like I said it is not about what people think, but often our heart manifests in how we act and I believe it can also be seen in what we wear. You set the tone, if you want to dress like the world, dress like the world, but if you want to dress like someone in Christ, build convictions of one who is living in Christ.

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