Oh the Places You’ll Go!


To Tell the Truth

I believe and hold to the fact that all truth is God’s truth. If it lines up with His Word and His character it is His truth. I see a lot of truth in my daily life, as I am sure you do as well. As I continue to share those things I learn through the doctrines of everyday life, truth is always being revealed, the question is am I taking time to recognize it or not?

One of the most interesting truths about Scripture is that, not only does God manifest His truth through the authors, but He also validates His words through the experience of those authors. The authors of Scripture were not just writing theory, but tested and applied truth. Granted Scripture us not always about experience, but generally the passages in regards to knowing God, and walking with Him typically have one person or even many people living His Word first hand. At the same time there are not liberties taken when showing the human sides of these people. We are all cut from the same cloth, and the amazing thing is that there is no difference in ourselves from the people God used in Scripture.

Seussian Theology?

Possibly one of my all time favorite stories and one that is frequently used sentimentally in everything from graduations to new careers is “Oh the Places You’ll Go!” by Dr. Seuss. Despite not being Christian in source, this incredibly simple yet complex tale contains deeper truths in a few words than what many believers have written in pages and even books.

The premise for Oh the Places You’ll Go! is basically life’s realities as they are lived, good and bad, better or worse.  In this book Seuss weaves a tell explaining that life, all be it at times has good moments, has as many, sometimes more, not so good moments.  Overall the theme he writes about is one so many of us, especially within Christianity, can relate to. It is not unheard of within the life of a Christian, for  people buy into the lie that as a believer life is supposed to “good.” Here I am using good in the sense of everything going the way you want it to, while providing unending positive emotions. Furthermore it becomes a delusional ideology that God’s plan is for us to be materially comfortable and constantly emotionally uplifted. I wonder how many people turn away from God, instead of embracing Him, once their unstable “pursuit of happiness” finally collapses and they learn that the Christian life is not what they thought it was. If they even reach this conclusion that is. Sure you can delude yourself with materials, relationships, and rituals as you create for yourself the lifestyle of a “comfortable Christian” but deep within it will never be enough and you will become more and more unfulfilled. Physical and mental comfort will never be enough unless we have complete fulfillment by our position in Christ.

Within Oh the Places You’ll Go  and the majority of Scripture from the fall of Adam on, it seems more often than not, for lack of better words, that “life sucks”. Life is hard, doubly so when you begin to fully pursue and develop your position in Christ. Not only is life hard, but there are days that leave you with nothing more to give, wondering why on earth you believe what you believe in the first place. I think we can all see times like that in our  lives, and in the lives of those found in God’s Word. Life becomes grim and it absolutely seems as if there is no end to our misery and hardship. However…..HOWEVER…..Just because life sucks at times and is  sometimes hard, that does not mean, by any stretch, that it is any less fulfilling or that we cannot experience true joy. At the same time if this life was something we wanted to keep, what would be the point of eternity? Each and every one of us as believers are a part of something so much greater, we are a part of Christ. These lives, this place, it is all transitional, and  is nowhere near the “pinnacle” or “climax” of our existence. Because of Christ being our definition, we are given the ability to adapt and be sustained in these momentary circumstances. Yes, we will have good days, I am not saying we will not, but whether they are or are not, have to live to know and follow Him regardless of our circumstances or emotional state. When we fully walk in Him we see that even what we perceive as the worst of days, more than likely have some redeemable aspect or another to them.

Below are links to the full text of Oh the Places You’ll Go in both text and audio formats. I hope you enjoy and appreciate it as much as I have.





Illustrations and text of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! all belong to Dr. Seuss


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