Against the Wind . . .

I am tired. I am very tired. I am in love with this feeling. Someday I full intend to return to blogging, maybe sooner than later eve, but I thought I would post something to fill the avoid. For my Old Testament Survey class we were given the task to draw four lessons from Abraham’s life and as you will soon see these are those.

Hows life? Good. Uprooting…Well I say uprooting when really they were fragile twigs in loose dirt. Uprooting from Wisconsin to pursue school in Iowa has been an unexpected yet wonderful change. Onward and upward that is what I say. Ah the life of nothing an no one holding you back. Let’s hope it will not always be this lonely out here in the open skies. But yes it is good! Brilliant in fact!. Actually tomorrow. Yes tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall update with a new post.

Lesson 1 and 2: Genesis 22- The account of God asking Abraham to sacrifice one is incredibly powerful. God had promised Abraham a son, that son was Isaac. Surprisingly God wanted Abraham to sacrifice that same son. Abraham could have declined, but having seen God’s faithfulness he took Isaac to be delivered to God. Upon Abraham’s almost completion of this God intervenes at the last moment and provides a sacrifice. Not only do we see Abraham’s faithfulness but also God’s provision. Some thousands of years later God would provide the sacrifice in the form of His son. While we learn about God’s character in these verses I think any believer can see signs of His provision in their lives. I know on my own that He has provided when it seemed provision was not possible. Secondly I mentioned Abraham’s faith. I cannot imagine waiting so long for the son God promised only to be asked to sacrifice Him. Regardless Abraham knew the character of God and was faithful no matter the outcome. He certainly shows that when it comes to faith it is about knowing what we need to do and doing it anyway, despite how afraid we may or may not be. For me I have seen plenty of instances where I had no idea where a choice would take me, just that it was in God’s will and as such He would take care of the rest. I am doing that right now sitting in this school. More often than not I believe fear is our flesh trying to keep us from the good things God has for us.

Lesson 3: Genesis 16- In Abraham’s faithlessness and disbelief of God’s promises he impregnates his wives servant Hagar. Because of Abraham’s sin there was contempt against the servant and child, not only that, but the longer lasting consequences lasted far. Abraham’s disbelief caused grief and strife not only for himself but for those around him. At the same time the things we do out of the flesh impact can not just impact us but also those in our life. Faithlessness is a self centered and risky business. Secondly it places man center instead of God center. When we take action and act as if our plans are better than is, we have no idea what scary ground that is, because often He will allow us to face the consequences in order to restore us back to Him. I always like to imagine that when we start talking about “our” plans, God takes it upon Himself to have a good laugh at out ignorance and stupidity.

Lesson 4: Genesis 21- The birth of Isaac is just one of many examples in scripture to show that whenever God says He is going to do something He does it. God fulfilled His promise to Abraham and Sarah, despite their age and her being barren. It gives foundation and scale to the promises of God in the Bible. Even to us there are so many promises He fulfilled and continues to fulfill. It is amazing how so often I see in my life, as I am sure others do, that we doubt God and who He says He is. Yet another display of how foolish our flesh can cause us to be. He loves us, and when we read of His promises, they may not turn out for us the way we want them but they always will the way He intends.


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