Grey Room . . .

Recently I found myself engaged in a conversation with a friend and as a result came to an intellectual dilemma. During our brief period of speaking she spoke of cleaning her house. As details unfolded this person discovered cleaning one area was contagious in delivering the drive to tackle another. Always looking for multiple meanings in what people say I took her statements as being metaphorical, not realizing they were intended to be nothing more than face value. Running with the ideas provided by our talk, I made the decision to expand on what was said.

On the trail of cleaning I read into how that could translate over to our spiritual being. Like my friend cleaning can inspire to deal with things long left undealt with. On a figurative level I equated this with the struggles of a Christian. If we deal with one flaw, surely we can deal with another right? At least you may have the encouragement to do so? Signed sealed and delivered, I was convinced this was turning into a surefire concept. Little did I know how wrong I was. Reading enough books, and personally knowing many people, I began to see no evidence with ever fully being done with struggles. For most we may have so minor victories, but until death we shall be in a constant battle between our position in Christ and the flesh.

My dry spell of thought lead me to undertake something that left me feeling like a hypocrite. Obviously that point is moot because to some degree we are all hypocrites. What brought me to said feelings though was my attempts to force and idea that I knew did not work, that was not solid. In my constant crusade for truth and insight I did the very thing I myself hardly tolerate. Reminders of our still present humanity is a very humbling thing. Despite learning the hard way, the hard way does not have to be any less encouraging.

And that was that. With no new ideas, and learning the same things in the same ways, once more I had nothing. Who knows, even this is probably reiteration of past thoughts with the only difference being packaging.

No matter what the case, today rolled around, and the great thing about today, it is today, the here and now, and you never know what today will bring. For me today brought an idea.. What is significant about today? July 4, 1776 a mixture of idealists, Christians, theists, and the plain fed up, came together and by the power of words exonerated themselves from England. As a result they took drastic measures in gaining freedom from Britain. Two hundred fifteen years later we still celebrate that freedom. Actually it is more like an expansively limited set of privileges, but the idea of freedom still stands.

Freedom. Freedom was what brought it all together, not just for them, but for me. Freedom allowed me to take an idea that I thought to be trash, and structure it into the present state. In my feelings of being a hypocrite I was actually denying myself freedom. How so? Seeing yourself through characteristics that do not fit your spiritual definition, denies you of all the freedoms you have in Christ. The Christ minded person sees a flaw, such as being hypocritical, and learns from it and it’s inconsistencies, while those in the flesh takes hypocrisy and binds their selves to it in shackles of condemnation. Aspect one you have growth, aspect two you have hindrance.

Being free does not mean doing what you want to do. Still having the flesh, nine times out of ten doing what we want to do contradicts what God wants us to do Being free from one thing we will still always be bound to another. The believer is free from sin, condemnation, separation and Hell, but bound to Christ and the position He has given us. We are free from a bad thing at the expense of being bound to a good one. Sounds like a fair trade to me. The brilliant thing about this freedom is that not only is it eternal, but it operates in a way that looks out for our best interest. Sure being in Christ may not always give us what we want, but it will certainly always provide what we need. You may think that in this moment acting in the flesh will fulfill you, but long-term the only true freedom comes from a relationship with God. Our rooms are going to get dirty , that is unavoidable. If you wear a pair of new white shoes to a summer camp expecting them to look the same when you return, you are an idiot. Our flesh sucks, and as a result we are still going to have moments where it will attempt to sabotage us entirely. Positional truth however, has been bestowed upon us and with that gives us all the abilities necessary to set up a lifelong regime of cleanliness. No matter how many times we have to clean something, the bright side is, we will only be alive for so long. Even when things do get dirty. God can teach us just as much through the dirt, and the process of cleaning, as He can a sparkling room itself.

Somehow all of this comes full circle. Today think about freedom and what it actually means to you. If you are in Christ you cannot, CANNOT, be bound to anything other than Him. Being human you may choose to believe you are and that very well be your choice but why would choose to leave a room dirty, when you have all you need to make it clean? Appreciate and understand the spiritual freedoms you have because of Christ and start cleaning.


About Chronology of Chris

-In Christ -Student of Life, Theology, Philosophy and Education -Avid reader (C.S. Lewis, Alvin Plantinga, Francis Schaeffer, James Sire, Martin Luther, Luis de Molina, Gordon D. Fee, David R. Anderson, David Kinnaman, Arthur Conan Doyle, Charles Schulz (Peanuts), Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes), Hunter S. Thompson, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien, Jean Paul Sartre, Soren Kierkegaard, etc.) -Amateur philosopher -Field researcher for this privilege called life -Defined not labelled -Silly, yet serious -Knowledgeable and experienced -People over facts( facts have their place), souls over figures -More than an "about me" box can contain -His will, not mine
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