How He Loves Us…

Here I am again with an article on love.  I think one can go their own life living and learn love and barely scratch the surface. However as we walk with God our ideas, perceptions, and actions in regards to love will evolve just as we ourselves continue to do so. My rank is still very much that of a rookie when it comes to this love thing, but just as a seed with plenty of nourishment and work can become a great oak, so can our ability to love.

February is a hard month to avoid pondering the concepts and implications of love.  With Valentines day on the way people are all a blaze with talk of who or what they love. Frequently I have been humoring the Christian station “K-LUV” and their obnoxious enlightenment to us the listened by allowing callers to share what love story they may have.  Noticeably as I listened it seemed more often than not each story had a strong emphasis for the couples love for each other. Granted they allowed God to be a footnote for their stories with phrases like ” this is the person God chose for me” or ” They were the soul mate God wanted for him/her” and variation upon variation. Each story that it seems I hear puts the focus on the human aspect and what physical/material acts of romance they can do for one another and the feelings achieved or accomplished by such. Mind you I would shoot myself if I sat all day listening, so I am sure there may be a solid story or two I missed, but for the most part this trend stayed consistent.

Where am I going with all of this? One thing I have come to understand is about humans and how without the love of Christ they are absolutely unable to truly love. Love even among Christians has been incredibly altered from what it is intended to be. What love is extends well beyond romantic gestures, feelings of infatuation and fancy, and hollow craftily worded pleasantries, whether direct to a friend or lover. The term sweet nothings is entirely applicable because despite how it makes you feel they remain just that, nothing.

It is because of Christ in us alone that our ability to love exists. Reiterating previous statements on love it is important to remember that the core of what it means to love is action based stemming from what we know. It is impossible to fully grasp and experience love without our position in Christ. So if ever I show love to you, or you to someone else, those actions are in now way us but Christ in us. Aside from Christ all we know regarding others is lust, infatuation, and pointless feelings of attraction.

All that being said we cannot stop Valentines Day. Instead of conforming by celebrating it the way the world does why not observe it in a way that is beneficial to our walks with God. As believers we can embrace that day by transforming it into one containing meaning. Single, married, in a relationship, whoever, why not take this day to focus on God’s love and how we have seen it expressed to us, for us, and through us?

Unconditionally loving others is when we put our own needs last and theirs before ours. Our dependency should rest upon Him as it does, our needs will be met. Manifestation of Christ’s love shows itself as we do for others. Life should be God first, others second, and ourselves last. We do not need to think of ourselves because we are already being thought of. Especially when it comes to relationships. If the person we are with is out source of dependency we are with them for the wrong reasons. When two people begin a relationship and their dependency is both on Christ there is not room for disappointment or let down because the focus is not on each other. At the same time relationships romantic or platonic should consists of us push the other towards Christ even if it means pushing them away from ourselves.

Wherever you find an expression of God’s love in Scripture or how we are supposed to love it is always accompanied by an affirming action. My favorite example of this is John 3: 16 “For God so “LOVED” the “WORLD” that He “GAVE” His only begotten son.  One of the most significant acts of love in the Bible is that of Christ coming to earth and to eventually die for all of mankind. My goal is not to wrap head around this as much as it is to help you understand the importance of this. God loving us by that act is the only reason we can love anybody. Even after the sin of Adam He continued to express His love all the way to Christ’s death and beyond to now.  Wherever you find an act of love or what it means to love in scripture you will always find action bound to it.

God’s love is active in and through us each day. How long before we stop belief false worldly ideas of what love entails and start appreciating the caliber of what His love has accomplished and enables? Valentines Day approaches and as it does as with any day we should survey ourselves to see just how God’s love is present and acknowledged in our lives. What areas are we not letting it impact, what relationships are we not allowing His love to affect? Is God’s love an action used within our lives, or do we put it to the side in attempts to find fulfillment through our humanly means? I love all of you not because I can can love but because God has shown me how to love.


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